Monday, September 26, 2016

Beach Paintings 2006-2016

Walk to Bird Island 30x24 2006

Low Tide, Sunset Beach 12x24 2007

Beach Clouds 20x40 2008

Bird Island Bliss 20x40 2009

Sand Sea Sky 30x30 2010

Daybreak Surf 36x36 2011

Red Sky Beach 36x36 2012 

Cloud Over Gulf 20x40 2013

Morning Beachscape 30x40 2014

Beach Cloud 30x24 2015

Beach Cloudscape 40x30 2016

I am blessed to live my life as an artist! 
Now with ten years under my belt as a full time painter, it is fitting to look back. These 10 beach paintings illustrate the evolution of my style as I strive to convey this inspiring landscape. Because I feel there are infinite ways to interpret this special place with its long vistas, colors, sounds and smells, I will always paint the oceanside, the shoreline, the seascape—the beach! 

I am thrilled that all these works have found homes, except the last one, which is available at 
The Little Art Gallery in Raleigh, NC.

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